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Jared Rapoza


Workaholic, full of terrible dad jokes, making tunes for fun, and working hard to change the industry. I love a hot bowl of pho or chicken biryani and prefer data driven results with a side of intuition and common sense.

Sean Vazquez


By day, a software engineer. By night, working with art and code. Since a young age I've had a passion for music, technology, and competition, taking control over machines or instruments to do whatever I envision. I graduated from Stevens Institute of Technology and competed in track & field nationals and junior Olympics. Sports, hiking, camping, and yoga are also passions of mine.

Mario Danza


Jersey man, born and raised. Known as a utility guy and big social networker. Former college athlete bringing competitive spirit as my nature. Grew up on hip hop and have developed into a connoisseur of all genres. I also throw hip hop/EDM events in my spare time — work does not stop for me.

Will Clark


SoFlo born, dyslexic, but hard working mid 20's male. The only one in my college friend group that likes EDM. I enjoy exercising, wetting 3's, and boat rides in my spare time. Work hard, play hard. Repost hero.

Jack Hentosh


Headbanger at heart, design enthusiast, and music devotee over everything. I spend a vast majority of my time in front of a desktop computer with coffee close at hand. Always trust the process.

Zuzy Dbs


Creator, designer, music producer, city-hopper. I grew up all over the world learning languages and forming a lifetime of memories and experiences. I’m an extreme extrovert and expert Instagram photographer. When not making beats, I’m helping build the future of the music industry.

Sam Czaja


Having grown up a lover of rock n' roll, now focused on shaping new generation of underground hip-hop, I'm dedicated to bringing rebellious artists to the forefront of the industry. Hard work goes a lot farther than talent, but it doesn't hurt to have both.

Michael Cullen

SoundCloud Operations Manager

Currently residing in Portland, OR and is best known as the founder of Phuture Collective. Having been a part of various startups like Audius &, I spend most of my time with various music related endeavors. Outside of music, I enjoy bowling, cooking, and exploring new craft brews. A firm believer of positivity, the law of attraction, and crafting new ways to stay motivated.

Doudy Tang

spotify operations manager

Born in New York City, raised in Bangkok, Thailand, and Washington, DC, and now back in the City. Un-ironic jazz lover, drummer, and electronica producer turned to the business side of the music industry. Take life easy and know when to let yourself relax; keep it simple.

Megan Kenealy

TIKTOK operations manager

Fish out of water from Florida, Jill of all trades, connector of dots, and pusher of buttons. A chaotic creative with a soul from another dimension. Your friendly neighborhood hype man. I think in images and sounds. Hobbies include anything categorized as “unrealistic”. Probably somewhere playing the ukulele, painting, or listening to philosophy podcasts. The phoenix rises - the show must go on.

Nathaniel Kosko


Currently residing in the city of brotherly love. Music has been a staple in my life since as long as I can remember. Club rat when I’m not working. Meeting and talking to new people is what I live for.

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